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Juli 2008

The Boys in Indiana

Bild_1 To be honest, itīs always a little adventure to get ready for the States. Everything prepared? Passport valid? What forms need to be filled out? Enough dollars? What clothes are needed? But no doubt, it is worth to get through. Once again it was a very exiting time especially meeting again all friends respectively to get in touch with them the first time (Tobi).


To visit Chicago accompanied by a personal tour guide was definitely one of the big points during our trip to the United States. Based on the well funded experience of Dave we are sure not having missed anything significant of this impressive town.

Thanks to you, Dave.


The very best feeling however was just being with you in your home at Pleasant Lake enjoying family life and being a member of this lovely family. We still are very happy that you all were present. We thank you so much Alicia, Abby, Audria, Monica & Steve for all you offered to us.

We already miss you!!!

Tobias & Raffael


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