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Juli 2011

A visit from Indiana

Bild_1 Still suffering from jetlag, travelling from Cologne to Roedermark and than having party until 5 am in the morning was a particular challenge for sure.

But you both were young enough proceeding with sightseeing the following days without any interuption and went to Michelstadt, Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Seligenstadt. You even found time for climbing with Raffael. Wow!

Finally we also had a great time at Martinīs home, barbecueing with him, Gabi, Ameli & Friederike ītil late at night.

Bild_2 Another challenge was definitely our tour to Venice/Italy stopping by at Rothenburg o.T. and the castle of Neuschwanstein nearby Fuessen. We needed to get up early next morning to explore Venice and to get through more than 200 canals and over 400 bridges.

No, just kidding, we have been busied enough to drop by at the Basilica of San Marco, the unique Palazzo Ducale, the Rialto Bridge and a couple of other famous places around.


Bild_3 At least we found some time to go on a boat trip to the famous island of Murano, celebrated for its glass. However it was quite late and most of the shops had already closed.

But we were lucky to attend the final glas manufacturing show this day before we returned back to the main island and in the end to our hotel.

Dear Alicia, dear Jess, it was a pleasure for us to have you here @ our home in Roedermark and we are looking forward seeing you again some day.

Raffael & Ulrich